2019 MOSHAPE Four Seasons of Lake of the Ozarks


Hold Your Posture - 2019 MOSHAPE

2018 SHAPE America - Central District - Sioux Falls, SD

Championship Defensive Basketball System

Hi-YAWW - Incorporating Martial Arts into Physical Education

2017 SHAPE Colorado

Championship Defensive Basketball System

2017 SHAPE America - Central District at the University of Northern Iowa

Hi-YAWW - Central District 2017

SHAPE Michigan - 2016 - Mackinac Island



Central District Sherrer Leadership Summit - Summer 2016

Twitter Basics 2016

Missouri AHPERD - Fall 2015

Hi-YAWW - Missouri 2015

#MOAHPERD TOY Toolbox Presentation

Warm-up Circuit Cards


SHAPE South Dakota - Fall 2015

Punt on 1st Down





Warm-up Circuit Cards

SHAPE Colorado - Fall 2015

Governor's Council for Active and Healthy Lifestyles. Presentation

2015 SHAPE America - Seattle

2015 Advocacy Forum - w/Carly Wright and Brian Devore

Denver Public Schools PD - Winter 2015

Punt on 1st Down -Denver PD 2015

Nebraska AHPERD - Fall 2014

Hold Your Posture

Punt on 1st Down 


Hi-YAWW - Nebraska AHPERD 2014

President's Youth Fitness Program - McAllen, TX


North Dakota AHPERD - Fall 2014

Punt on 1st Down -North Dakota AHPERD 2014

Hi-YAWW - North Dakota AHPERD 2014



How to Advocate for your program - Support Real Teachers

Brain Break - Handout for Aurora Central HS Faculty

Brain Breaks Video's

Posture Exercises:

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  • Finding Core Posture
  • Reverse Shoulder Circles
  • Reach and Pulls
  • Triangles and Squares
  • Front Raise & Open to a W
  • Right Angle Box and Open Up
  • Upper Body Trunk Rotations Right Angle Rotators
  • Neck Rotations
  • Lateral Neck Flexion
  • Upper Trap and Neck Stretch
  • Wrist and Forearm Stretch

Minnesota AHPERD - Fall 2013

DO SOMETHING - #Broccoli - Minnesota 2013

If You Think a Squat is a Squat, You Don't Know Squat!


Hi-YAWW!! - Minnesota AHPERD 2013

Tae-Kwon-Do White Belt Form Prac. WS


"The keynote and breakout sessions that Clayton shared with the health/physical education teachers of Minnesota ROCKED because they are now collaborating with ClassDojo! The endless supply of energy over the 2 days was unbelievable. Each and every person who attended his sessions left with something they could put into practice when they returned to their gymnasiums on Monday. Thanks for ALL you do for our fields of health and physical education!"                    

Sue Tarr, Ph. D. - Professor - St Cloud State University

COAHPERD - State Convention 2013

#Broccoli aka - I'm Here Let's GO

Institute of Medicine Brief - VIDEO

Governor's Council for Active and Healthy Lifestyles - Flyer designed from WebDesign499

2012-Shape of the Nation highlights

2013 SPEAK Out Day leave behind

Wichita Public Schools - Summer 2013

 #Broccoli- aka.I'm Here, Let's GO! - Wichita 2013


TEACH - Total Fitness 

Physical Education Infographic

Physical Activity Infographic


Warm-up Circuit Cards


To Clayton Ellis,

On behalf of the Wichita Public Schools, I and Karla would like to thank you for a great presentation at our district in-service for our middle and high school PE teachers.  At times this can be a difficult group to work with in that they are not always willing to participate in new physical activities.  However, your presentation kept each and every one of them actively engaged and I truly believe that they took a lot of information and ideas away from the day.  In fact I went to observe one of the middle school teachers and she was teaching an activity that you had taught them.  I also had a lot of positive feedback from other teachers that your presentation was great and that it had given them a lot of new activities.  It is so easy for us to get stuck in our daily routines but your presentation helped to open the door for some new ideas to be unleashed.  Again thank you for coming to Wichita. 

Merri Copeland and Karla Stenzel

 2013 Denver Public Schools Summer Institute

Clay has been a presenter at the DPS Physical Education and Dance Summer Institute for the past three years. His sessions are innovative with an emphasis on appropriate practices, curriculum integration, assessment, and advocacy in physical education. Clay is an outstanding presenter who motivates participants to improve their teaching practices by thinking outside the box. His sessions align to physical education standards and include health and skill related fitness components. Clay's handouts are comprehensive which allow teachers to apply what they learn to their everyday instruction.

 Eric Larson - Denver Public Schools - Physical Education Coordinator

#Broccoli - Denver Institute 2013 Presentation

#Broccoli Handout

Governor's Council Mission, Vision, and Values

Colorado State of Health

Physical Activity Infographic

Physical Education Infographic

TEACH Total Fitness

PHYSICAL Act Talking Points

American Heart Month Proclamation

Colorado Fitness Week Proclamation


Charlotte, North Carolina 2013

AAHPERD National Convention 2013 Physical Best Success Stories

2012 Presidential Youth Fitness ProgramUnderstanding Health Related Fitness

2012 Let's Move in School - Family and Community Webinar

Warm-up Circuit Cards

Nebraska AHPERD Fall 2012

Iowa AHPERD Fall 2012

Position Statements

North Dakota AHPERD Fall 2012

Texas Summer Institute 2012

Denver Summer Institute 2012

Western Slope Secondary PE Institute 2012

2010- 2011 Presentations

New York AHPERD - Jason Lehmbeck Testimonial

ATA Taekwondo 9th Grade White Belt Form


Dr. John Medina - Brain Rule #1 - Exercise