Lesson 1

Nutrition - Pre-Student Survey

FOOD FIGHT: Bullies Poisoning The 'Hood Get Splattered! 

Food Glorious Food - Differences Between Food Systems

Food Glorious Food - Steps for Feeding a Population

Food Glorious Food - What Influences Food Systems

 Lesson 2

Interpreting Ingredient Lists

How Does Your Garden Grow - Agribusiness and Industrial Food

How Does Your Garden Grow - Meat and Milk Production

The Meatrix

How Does Your Garden Grow - The Future of Farming

Chicken Farm Video

The Truth Behind the Meat Industry

Lesson 3

Anna Lappe and Food Myth Busters video

Candy Slogan Quiz

Fast Food Slogan Quiz

McDonald's Commercial - 2

Burger King Commercial - 2

Wendy's Commercial - 2

Subway Commercial - 2

Processed Kids - Food Additives and Preservatives

Can Potato Chips Cause Cancer

Processed Kids - Food Processing

Scary Facts About Processed Foods

Everything Wrong with Subway

 Lesson 4


What Happens to a tooth when it is left in soda for 24 hours

Fed Up - Trailer

Fed Up Documentary

Is Sugar Toxic - 60 Minutes

How Coke or Pepsi effects your body

Why is soda bad for you?

Toxic Sugar

How Much Sugar is in Your Food?

20 Practical uses for Coca-Cola - Proof it should not be in the human body!

Chemicals in our food

Top 10 Healthy Foods

Junk Food

Lesson 5

The Art and Science of Junk-Food Marketing - Food Marketing Basics

The Art and Science of Junk-Food Marketing - Venue for marketing to students

 The Art and Science of Junk-Food Marketing - Positive Food Marketing

Nutrition  Power Point

Eat Learn Live

What is Fiber, Truth About Fiber Nutrition by Natalie

Good Fats vs. Bad Fats

 Lesson 6


What does an Olympic Athlete Eat? (Video)

The Olympic Diet - (Video)

Are sports drinks good for you? Fit or Fiction?

The benefits of drinking water (Video)

20 tips for eating healthy on a budget (Video)

How to Shop for and Cook a Healthy Meal with $10.00 (Video), get discount coupons at PromoCodeWatch.com

 Nutrition 101 - Teen Nutrition

Nutrition 101 - The Basics

Nutrition 101 - Water

What 200 Calories Looks Like!

 Lesson 7

The Guerrilla Gardner

Lesson 7 - Supermarket Savant - Cooking at Home

Healthy Macaroni and Cheese

Carnitas Tacos

Lesson 8

Super-Size Me Video Worksheet

Steven Ritz Ted Talk