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"Gym" is a room, "Physical Education" is a class! 

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What is Physical  Education? 

What PE is: What PE is not:
  • organized activities
  • fitness
  • knowledge of the body
  • lifelong enjoyment of activities
  • development of healthy lifelong habits
  • sensory learning
  • tactile, hands-on, teach to all learners (visual, auditory, sensory, etc….)
  • integrative teaching
  • teaching well-rounded behavior (teamwork, sportsmanship)
  • movement
  • Wide range of yoga classes
  • skill development
  • life-long fitness and activities
  • building life “skills”
  • empowering
  • create positive experiences and environment
  • well thought out and organized
  • brain enhancing
  • fun
  • heart strengthening
  • stress reducing
  • developmentally appropriate
  • team building
  • socialization
  • confidence builder
  • area to succeed
  • diversity of content (allows enjoyment for all, reaches all cultures, integration of classroom content)
  • exercise, fitness, healthy lifestyle
  • stress reliever
  • brain – fitness connection
  • students’ favorite subject!
  • unorganized “playtime”
  • a dictatorship or aligned with military movement
  • planning time for classroom teachers
  • expendable
  • a dumping ground for behavior problem students
  • time to pull-out students
  • “free-for-all”
  • garbage dump
  • random
  • roll out the ball
  • duck, duck, goose and dodge ball
  • babysitting
  • just for athletes
  • only in the gym (classroom, music room, art room, outside)
  • athletic team practice
  • power lifting tournament
  • an afterthought

A Physically Educated Person...

  • Understands the physical benefits of living a healthy lifestyle
  • Practices what they preach
  • Values the benefits of fitness (stress relief, energy, emotional and physical aspects)
  • Is an example of wellness
  • Positive influence and role model in society
  • Encompasses the ideals of teamwork, cooperation, sportsmanship …
  • Understands the importance of skill development
  • Understands that keeping the body healthy also helps educate the mind
  • Is excited by the challenges and abundant opportunities that are always present = take those challenges head on!
  • Excited by activity and being fit!
  • Understands anatomy and how the body works
  • Understands the importance of physical activity and nutrition
  • Participates
  • Advocates the value and importance of a healthy lifestyle
  • Doesn’t have to be an athlete
  • Understands the different components that make us healthy (aerobic, strengthening, etc…)
  • Is an empowered person who is able to make healthy, lifelong choices
  • Someone who has the skills and knowledge to make appropriate choices to participate in a variety of activities
  • Is a person who values health and wellness
  • Knows that no matter the limitations on your body you can still be healthy and active at your own level
  • Is cool, happy, fun to be around


My Physical Education "Hall of Shame" submission to PE Central:

Attendance Taken While Students Sit in Squad Lines (October 2013): Instead of using instant activities, or self-directed warm-ups and/or appropriate dynamic stretching while roll is taken, the instructor wastes several minutes of valuable class time as students sit in squad lines or do static stretches in place waiting for something educational and worthwhile to begin.

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